My Photographic work starts when I want to capture rays of natural light in different times of the day as well as in different types of rooms I get into or observe.

When I finished my art studies, the interest I had in the Gold material started to grow. Already having studied the meaning of Gold in some cultures and tribes all over the world, especially in my country, Colombia, l learned by then to appreciate the warmth and strength this material has and transmit. This, woke more and more my curiosity to know deeply about the light this metal contains and which meaning was given to it in different parts of the world, trying to focus on that rather than its economical or purely material use. I was interested how it is affecting many aspects of our lives, which I could somehow in the entire history of art and humanity.

In this learning process, I developed the Idea of combining  photography with Gold, having the intention of giving the spirit of Gold to the Pictures I create. But like many ideas, this one already has been developed and has been put in to shape by others in different ways.

The challenge I face now, is the encounter and development of a technique in my projects, that unifies the Matter with the perfection of the images that are evoked during a creative process. Finding my own path: that which unifies Gold with that images, is what I seek with my work. In that way the Images can have a language of its own with the principles of the matter of Gold reflected. Working with Gold was an inspiring experience, which made me explore techniques that I still use to produce other Kind of Images and paintings. I enjoy it using it in different ways, it is a material that motivates me, but I use it, In the intent to unify two worlds that in its interaction complement each other, and so I hope they find new “habitats” to dwell in.