Through my photography, I wish to transcend the traditional meaning of migration. My work explores the relationship between the internal changes we experience throughout our lives and the physical movements which are part of our daily and travel journeys. My process consists of superimposing images of nature that were taken throughout my travels, in places where I naturally felt at home. Each photography, when layered, captures one brief moment that evokes a utopian feeling of emotional and physical security, giving the work its meaning as a whole. The images I choose are taken in different countries’ landscapes.  I explored mainly  two places that are both foreign and feel home to me. My work tells the story of the cohabitation of these two opposite, yet very real feelings. The choice of smaller formats helps create an atmosphere of intimacy as I and the viewer embark on our unique internal journey of migration. While coming closer to experience the image, a deeper story of exploration begins.


In my Gold artwork, i explore a technique that mixes the nature of Gold as the background of each Image. It’s a technique i discovered through different experimental techniques  have learned in my art journey.

Gold has today Universal meaning of “richness” that i want to transcend by putting gold leaves  as a layer of “light” in the background. This way i give the image a spiritual context that comes from the ancient believe where Gold is the Sun God.  I use images that combine places where Gold is found inside the earth, enriching the images its spiritual nature.